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This button opens a direct line for communication with the nearest emergency dispatcher, sends your location to your phone by Text message, alert your nominated friends / relatives and gives you access to your critical medical information on your phone in the local languish (default in English) In Norway it also sends your position with map info and critical medical information to our 24/7 iMEDI24 alarm central.

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This is where you store your vital medical information. For the health professional personnel that are trying to help you, in case an emergency situation may occur, it can be crucial to know your blood type, allergies, regular medication, medical devices, etc. When you press the alarm button, after finishing the call with the emergency central, the screen turns into an alarm mode (Android) or it’s send an alarm push notification. Pressing on the HELP ME screen will display the critical medical information translated into the local language. In Norway At the same time, this data can be distributed to the paramedics, by our alarm central, making it easier for them to prepare the right treatment for you.

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The dashboard displays important features such as your Health record, your Next of Kin health records, settings, medical news, travel health news, personal information, Next of Kin information, upgrades, coupon codes, verification codes etc.


“iMedi’s goal is to help the end-user in case of any medical emergency by enabling health professionals to receive quick vital medical information. Our aim is to make a global standard for handling emergency calls, gathering and distributing medical information. This application would enable the doctors and patients to track, send and receive location based medical information directly from their device.”

Tor Jo Riise Meyer

CEO iGlobalTracking AS